Case Study: Southern Cross University

Michelle-Appleby20130402_04For Michel-Ann Appleby, completing a Master of Business Administration has broadened her business skills in an increasingly competitive labour market, all from the comfort of her own home.

Ms Appleby, who completed her MBA in 2012 through Southern Cross University, is the Human Resources Manager, Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia. She also runs Appleby Consulting.

“I studied an MBA because of ever increasing changes in the business world and my desire to stay abreast of business needs and modus operandi,” Ms Appleby said.

“Studying by distance education, I was not required to attend a university campus, but I was never left feeling as though I was not part of a campus. My campus just happened to be in my home.”

Southern Cross University offers a suite of postgraduate business courses, including the Master of Business Administration, the Doctor of Business Administration, the Master of Human Resources and Organisational Development and the Master of Professional Accounting. The degrees are flexibly delivered and designed to meet the demands of busy and highly mobile people.

Distance education students use interactive learning software to network and collaborate with peers and lecturers. Lectures may be streamed live or pre-recorded – either way students can download a recording at their convenience.

Each week students follow activities, readings and case studies laid out, step-by-step, on a website for each unit. As they move through the learning outcomes, they can discuss their progress in forums and ask questions of their peers or lecturer.

Ms Appleby said she would often join online tutorials with lecturers and other students.

“The lecturers were willing, ready and available to discuss my frustrations, assignments or areas that needed more explanation. The course was supported by excellent reading resources and technology enablers, including easy access to the online library.

“Having studied an MBA I can now approach my work and consulting more strategically and with a greater pool of resources. More than anything, the MBA updated my knowledge of business practices and broadened my world view. ”

Southern Cross University also provides advanced standing towards a coursework Masters degree, for a relevant Bachelor degree or where an applicant can demonstrate professional standing or work experience that is deemed equivalent.

For information on all Southern Cross University’s postgraduate business degrees visit

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