Executive Lifestyle: Heli-Skiing

By Tony Harrington. As a business owner you do not get to take a lot of holidays. Whether it is because the business does not allow you to, or you do not allow yourself to, is irrelevant. The point is that when you do get that elusive week of holidays you really want to embark […]

The Long Weekend: How You Can Relax And Rejuvenate

By Pete Langford. You have managed to take the Friday or Monday off work, which means you have a long weekend coming up. You have been holding on to that thought for the last few weeks. Work has been tight, very tight. One of your team members has just resigned with little notice, you are […]

The Kokoda Track

By Keith Banks. The Kokoda Track is an ancient 96-kilometre native track that crosses the Owen Stanley Range and is a jumble of razor-edged peaks and precariously steep ascents and descents. The terrain consists of abrupt mountain gorges, beautiful creeks and flowing rivers, magnificent views and raw jungle. Walking the track is one of the […]