Executive Style: What Your Accessories Say About You

By Sally Mackinnon. Accessories can say a lot about a person. They can indicate someone’s penchant for style, colour and pattern. Accessories can dramatically change the look of any outfit and are a great way to inject some individuality or style into your work wardrobe. A great necklace, oversized ring, colourful tie, statement bag or […]

Executive Lifestyle: The Rise Of Casual Friday – What Your Clothes Say About You

By Sally Mackinnon. The casual Friday dress code offers people a chance to dress in a more relaxed manner in the office – but how do you know when your casual style is too casual? Let’s face it, the corporate uniform of a suit, shirt and tie, takes a lot of the stress out of […]

What Your Office Space And Desk Say About You

By Sally Mackinnon. Whether you have an office to yourself or you work in an open-plan environment, the way you present this space can reflect on such qualities as your professionalism, productivity, efficiency and work ethic. Here are some tips to help create a productive workspace that will leave a highly professional impression. Work Space […]

What Your Clothes Say About You

By Sally Mackinnon. Research shows that sixty-five per cent of communication is non-verbal and based not on what you say but in a large part on how you look (fashiontribes.typepad.com). Rightly or wrongly, clothes often generate judgements about a person. Make sure you know what your clothes are saying about you. Like it or not, […]