Executive Lifestyle: Wealth: Are Risky Investments Worth The Risk?

By Mary Benton. While it is true that the more volatile investments can have the greatest returns, they can also have the greatest losses. So whether the risk is worth it depends on how high your appetite for risk is and how that risk can be controlled or mitigated. Risky Investments An investment is risky […]

Protecting Your Biggest Asset: Why Insurance Is So Important

By Mary Benton. Most people are focussed on building wealth but do not take the next step to protect that hard-earned wealth in the event of crisis or critical illness. For many business owners, getting insurance cover is probably still sitting on their to-do list. For people whose asset value sits in their home, super […]

Are You Getting The Most From Your Financial Planner?

By Mary Benton. Most business owners have a personal financial planner, who looks after their superannuation and life insurance. Most will also have set targets for superannuation balances before they can retire. But how many realise their financial planner can do so much more? Here are some examples. Goal Setting: Now, Where And How There […]