Implementing A Crisis And Recovery Management Plan Across Borders

By Barry Thomas. A corporate crisis can strike at any moment and in any location. Indeed, a crisis relates to an incident, human or natural, that requires urgent attention or action to protect life, property, environment or reputation. In the age of digital media, it can be business as usual one day and, without prior […]

Significant Change Is Required To Link Local With Global Supply Chains

By Dr Hermione Parsons. Efficient supply chains mean you can relax over deliveries and reduce expensive inventories. But global trends, especially the rise in demand for fuel and goods from the increasing numbers of better off people in China, India, Brazil and Russia could create difficulties for Australian business. If our governments and supply chain […]

Media Release: Telstra Business Awards

TV first shares business inspiration! Some of Australia’s best small and medium businesses share stories of resilience, toil and determination in a new TV exposé that goes behind the scenes of the 2013 Telstra Australian Business Awards national finalists. In a TV first, the one-hour program follows the journey of eight incredible and diverse business […]

Beyond 2014

By Donna Hanson. Take a moment to think way back in time… well, back to 2008 to be precise. Facebook was gaining momentum as the major social media tool and Twitter was new to the scene. Fast forward just four years to 2012 and the London Olympics. Social media use was in full force. Marketing, […]

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

By Mark O’Brien. According to Australian and US authorities, we spend approximately 90 per cent of our time indoors, with 50 per cent of Australian workers working in an office environment. With this in mind, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has a significant impact on the health, wellbeing, comfort and productivity of workers. Studies over many […]


By Ray Hodge. Companies, sole traders and those blessed with the entrepreneurial gift, spend inordinate amounts of time and energy focussing on increasing sales and profits, and rightly so. Always on the hunt for new opportunities, we create front end strategies, strategic partnerships and referral mechanisms to build the ever evolving sales pipeline. Included in […]

Gain A Competitive Advantage With Environmental Responsibility

By Mark O’Brien. Running a business is a tough job; fulfilling, rewarding and challenging, but still fraught with the need to sell enough of your products or services to make the business a viable entity. One area where a competitive advantage can be developed is by identifying the type(s) of customer you have and supplying […]