Online Tools To Help You Improve Your Productivity

By Kevin Dam. Collectively, SMEs can be the driving force of a recovering economy because of the energy, flexibility and responsiveness inherent in the sector. Astute owners and managers are always ready and waiting to take advantage of any tools or technology that will boost their financial performance or productivity – particularly during a slow […]

Translating Your Brand To The Digital World

By Nima Yassini.   When you are asking yourself whether your company ticks all the right boxes in order to move online, the first challenge is to visualise where your business will be in five years’ time. The first step is to stop wondering if your organisation is the right candidate to integrate online, and […]

Creating Headlines That Sell – Copywriting For Business

By Bernadette Schwerdt. I had the good fortune to have Apple Computers as one of my advertising clients. They required a series of headlines for a 24-page brochure to get rid of a bunch of old stock. The headlines presented were fantastic! Amusing, outrageous, quirky. They were set to scoop the awards pool. But when […]

The 7 Secrets To Writing Advertisements That Get Results Every Time!

7 Secrets of Advertising

By Bernadette Schwerdt. For most business owners, writing advertisements, brochures and other promotional material is a major headache.  This is understandable.  Writing copy that gets results can be hard work – it is time consuming, it can be a hit and miss affair, and is expensive if you get it wrong. It is no wonder […]

Insider Secrets On How To Get Publicity

By Julie Morgan. Public relations (PR) agencies generate great media coverage for their clients, but not all small- to medium-sized businesses can afford to pay big-agency fees. Thankfully, hiring the professionals to do the job is not the only way to get publicity. Armed with insider secrets, you can do your own PR and get […]

Using M-Commerce To Grow, Innovate And Develop Your Brand

by Ranjeet Elkunchwar. When it comes to m-commerce, people love to talk about the growth in smartphone ownership, especially in Australia, which has the world’s second-highest penetration of such devices after Singapore. Indeed, smartphones now account for 63 per cent of all mobile devices in the market. As the average Australian consumer cycles phones every two […]

Gone Mobile

by James Robinson. The world is not ‘going mobile’, it has already gone! There are more than 4.6 billion mobile phones in the world today; one each for 67% of the world’s population. More than fifty per cent of internet search worldwide was conducted from mobile phones in 2010 (T. Ahonen Consulting). SMS (short message […]