Helping Gen Ys To Become The International Managers Of The Future

By Barry Thomas. According to Future Workplace it is estimated that by 2025, Gen Y workers will account for 75 percent of the workforce. Indeed, Gen Ys are set to becomethe international leaders of the future and are therefore a critical talent pool forglobalorganisations to coach and mentor. Gen Ys are increasingly moving towards managerial […]


By Ray Hodge. Companies, sole traders and those blessed with the entrepreneurial gift, spend inordinate amounts of time and energy focussing on increasing sales and profits, and rightly so. Always on the hunt for new opportunities, we create front end strategies, strategic partnerships and referral mechanisms to build the ever evolving sales pipeline. Included in […]

Top Ten Tips For Women In Business

By Katie Day. The business world and business culture has changed; big time. Back in the 1970s and 1980s when I was at school and at the beginning of my working life, the culture and work environment were so different to now. I look back at my mother and see the struggle and fight she […]

The Courage To Move From Management To Leadership

By Ray MacLean. The journey from being a sound and solid business to an elite level of performance will only happen when an organisation has the motivation to break through the comfort zone by challenging its capable managers to become elite leaders. What is the difference? Capable managers focus on the mechanics of the business […]

BLOGGER: Vanessa Gavan

  “Figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics earlier this year from the Business Characteristics Survey show that innovation is slowing down. The proportion of businesses actively innovating fell nearly 5 per cent, to 39 per cent of businesses. Meanwhile, business sentiment as to how innovative we are is poor, with the GE Innovation […]

Modern Leadership

By Mark Hawkins. Perhaps now more than ever, high quality leadership is the most important attribute of a successful organisation. The economic future and the volatility of a wide range of industries and markets have never been more uncertain. Iconic,  great, strong companies are failing at unprecedented rates and the lifecycle of products across a […]

Innovation Is Not Entrepreneurship