The 7 Secrets To Writing Advertisements That Get Results Every Time!

7 Secrets of Advertising

By Bernadette Schwerdt. For most business owners, writing advertisements, brochures and other promotional material is a major headache.  This is understandable.  Writing copy that gets results can be hard work – it is time consuming, it can be a hit and miss affair, and is expensive if you get it wrong. It is no wonder […]

Is There Still Any Value In Direct Mail As Opposed To e-mailouts?

By Craig McCallum. One channel of media is not necessarily better than another. Each has specific strengths and weaknesses. In order to determine the most effective channels for your campaigns, it is necessary to know each of their primary goals, strengths and shortcomings. In this market, these primary classifications have shifted. Email campaigns, for example, […]

How To Create Compelling Offers That Make People Buy

By Bernadette Schwerdt. Why have an offer? Because offers, or incentives as they are otherwise known, make people sit up and take notice. Offers should stop the reader dead in their tracks and make them say, “I want that!” Without an offer, it is too easy for the reader to turn the page and move […]

The Best Ways To Get Brand Recognition In This Market And Beyond?

By Craig McCallum. In the marketing world we hear the drumbeat about the ongoing economic fallout – dismal corporate earnings, company layoffs, marketing budget cuts and an overall brand budget crisis. As a result, there is a general diminishing commitment to long-term brand building. The mission of the moment is predominantly driven by the accountant, […]

Practical Strategies For Retaining Customers In This Difficult Economic Environment

By Adam Ramshaw. The global financial crisis has impacted thousands of businesses around the world. Competition is tougher than ever before and many companies are out prospecting like mad for new customers. However, most do not realize that the fastest, cheapest and lowest risk way of protecting their business is not by finding new customers, […]

7 Simple Web Writing Secrets For Business Owners

By Bernadette Schwerdt. Writing web text (or copy) that gets people’s attention and converts them to customers can be tricky, but there are lots of ways to make it easier. Here are a few techniques professional copywriters use to compel people to stay glued to a website and to eventually part with their money. 1.    […]

The Value of LinkedIn as a Business Tool

By Philip Brookes. LinkedIn ( is a ‘job networking’ website that keeps you connected with your business acquaintances and colleagues (past and present) and, by association, with their contacts, and beyond. It is a great way of staying in touch with people as they move from one employer to another, and focuses on leveraging the […]