Online Tools To Help You Improve Your Productivity

By Kevin Dam. Collectively, SMEs can be the driving force of a recovering economy because of the energy, flexibility and responsiveness inherent in the sector. Astute owners and managers are always ready and waiting to take advantage of any tools or technology that will boost their financial performance or productivity – particularly during a slow […]

Implementing A Crisis And Recovery Management Plan Across Borders

By Barry Thomas. A corporate crisis can strike at any moment and in any location. Indeed, a crisis relates to an incident, human or natural, that requires urgent attention or action to protect life, property, environment or reputation. In the age of digital media, it can be business as usual one day and, without prior […]

Translating Your Brand To The Digital World

By Nima Yassini.   When you are asking yourself whether your company ticks all the right boxes in order to move online, the first challenge is to visualise where your business will be in five years’ time. The first step is to stop wondering if your organisation is the right candidate to integrate online, and […]

Harnessing SEO To Increase Business

By Trent Allen. I am going to take a guess, and that guess is: You know of the company called Google, and, at one point in time, you’ve have used their search engine. No, this is not an article about Google, but more about how Google can drive sales to your business through the art […]

The Value of LinkedIn as a Business Tool

By Philip Brookes. LinkedIn ( is a ‘job networking’ website that keeps you connected with your business acquaintances and colleagues (past and present) and, by association, with their contacts, and beyond. It is a great way of staying in touch with people as they move from one employer to another, and focuses on leveraging the […]

Great ways to promote your website offline

By Craig McCallum. There are numerous methods available to promote your website in the offline world. For example, on the bottom of your receipts/dockets, on store or office shopping bags, brochures, catalogues, on your display windows and prominently on all your advertising. Understanding the purpose of your site will determine a specific promotion approach. Is […]

The top five things a website must have to generate a response

By Philip Brookes. For every successful website on the Internet, there are many more that do not achieve their goals. What is the difference between the few that succeed and the many that do not? Outlined below are five ‘plain English’ marketing concepts which you should focus on in all of your marketing, including online, […]