Online Tools To Help You Improve Your Productivity

By Kevin Dam. Collectively, SMEs can be the driving force of a recovering economy because of the energy, flexibility and responsiveness inherent in the sector. Astute owners and managers are always ready and waiting to take advantage of any tools or technology that will boost their financial performance or productivity – particularly during a slow […]

Top Ten Tips For Women In Business

By Katie Day. The business world and business culture has changed; big time. Back in the 1970s and 1980s when I was at school and at the beginning of my working life, the culture and work environment were so different to now. I look back at my mother and see the struggle and fight she […]

Employee Appraisals Unmasked

By Neil Clark. An employee appraisal system lets employees know how they are doing on the job. Without such feedback, some people can develop a completely wrong notion of how you, the manager, see their performance. If you did not communicate with them in this way, you would probably be surprised at the way some […]

Evaluating Staff The Right Way

By Neil Clark. Staff evaluation will crash and burn on one simple thing: opinion. If you evaluate your staff based on your ‘opinion’ of how well they are doing, you are leaving yourself open to failure and upset. The best method of evaluating staff is to base it on measurable performance. If you set the […]

Setting up a proper performance review process

By Neil Clark. An annual appraisal is much easier to deliver when you have done a couple of reviews of the employee’s performance throughout the year. Your people need to know how you think they are doing in relation to their targets. It is often surprising to a manager to find out what an employee […]