Online Tools To Help You Improve Your Productivity

By Kevin Dam. Collectively, SMEs can be the driving force of a recovering economy because of the energy, flexibility and responsiveness inherent in the sector. Astute owners and managers are always ready and waiting to take advantage of any tools or technology that will boost their financial performance or productivity – particularly during a slow […]

Experience – the new qualification!

By Susan Heron. I have lost count of the number of smart, accomplished and experienced people to whom I have spoken who lament their lack of formal education and the impediment this creates to them achieving further success. The irony, of course, is that someone who has a decade or more of experience in the […]

The Importance of Employee Training and Professional Learning

By Susan Heron. Employee training and professional learning is often considered a cost rather than an investment. This is a myopic and costly view that places businesses at risk of losing employees or maintaining a workforce of people not trained to their full potential. Employees frequently remain loyal to businesses because of the personal relationships […]

Giving Employees The Opportunity To Develop EI Through Professional Development

emotional intelligence

by Pete Jensen. Today’s global financial uncertainly is putting a strain on both business resources and household budgets. Developing your employees’ level of emotional intelligence (EI) can provide your organisation with the resilience and capacity to not only weather the storm, but also to flourish. Emotional intelligence has a direct impact on employee’s personal energy […]