How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

By Kim Khor. Corporate information systems are thought of as housing data-like documents, messages and databases. They should also include all digital devices like mobile phones, cameras and GPS (global positioning system) navigators. When people use any of these systems, their actions are also converted into data. Each action is recorded in some way and […]

Significant Change Is Required To Link Local With Global Supply Chains

By Dr Hermione Parsons. Efficient supply chains mean you can relax over deliveries and reduce expensive inventories. But global trends, especially the rise in demand for fuel and goods from the increasing numbers of better off people in China, India, Brazil and Russia could create difficulties for Australian business. If our governments and supply chain […]

Ensuring Your Supply Chain Is Resilient, Not Just Secure

By Grant Strudwick. There have been many positive developments in supply-chain security in recent years and the rollout of sophisticated supply-chain IT systems has enabled near real-time tracking of goods in distribution channels to customers, as well as from suppliers to manufacturing sites. All of these enhancements serve to better protect and secure supply chains […]

Protecting Your Biggest Asset: Why Insurance Is So Important

By Mary Benton. Most people are focussed on building wealth but do not take the next step to protect that hard-earned wealth in the event of crisis or critical illness. For many business owners, getting insurance cover is probably still sitting on their to-do list. For people whose asset value sits in their home, super […]