Helping Gen Ys To Become The International Managers Of The Future

By Barry Thomas. According to Future Workplace it is estimated that by 2025, Gen Y workers will account for 75 percent of the workforce. Indeed, Gen Ys are set to becomethe international leaders of the future and are therefore a critical talent pool forglobalorganisations to coach and mentor. Gen Ys are increasingly moving towards managerial […]

Addressing Australia’s Middle Skills Gap

Unlike the United States and most countries in Western Europe, Australia has enjoyed a relatively robust economy and low unemployment rate for more than a decade. Today, while overall US unemployment has remained stuck above eight per cent, our rate is just above five per cent. We compare even more favourably to the UK and […]

How To Write Job Ads That Work!

By Neil Clark. Unless you are in a large corporation with a fully fledged Human Resources Department, you probably have to write your own job ads. If this is you, do you sometimes find there are very few applicants worth considering? The solution to this may lie in the way you write your ads. You […]

Employee Appraisals Unmasked

By Neil Clark. An employee appraisal system lets employees know how they are doing on the job. Without such feedback, some people can develop a completely wrong notion of how you, the manager, see their performance. If you did not communicate with them in this way, you would probably be surprised at the way some […]

How To Create A Positive, Buoyant Culture In A Poor Economy

By Bob Ansett. The culture of a business is one of its strongest assets. It is how a business differentiates itself from other like businesses. It takes years for a culture to evolve within an organization, so it is not something that can be quickly changed to meet varying challenges or circumstances. In my experience, […]

Evaluating Staff The Right Way

By Neil Clark. Staff evaluation will crash and burn on one simple thing: opinion. If you evaluate your staff based on your ‘opinion’ of how well they are doing, you are leaving yourself open to failure and upset. The best method of evaluating staff is to base it on measurable performance. If you set the […]

Pick Potential Leaders When Assessing Staff

By Bob Ansett. The first trait I look for when assessing potential leadership qualities is self-confidence. Generally, this evolves from a happy, loving childhood where recognition and approval for achievements flow from within the family environment, encouraging the child to take on more challenging tasks. Therefore, it helps to have a similar environment in your […]