Helping Gen Ys To Become The International Managers Of The Future

By Barry Thomas. According to Future Workplace it is estimated that by 2025, Gen Y workers will account for 75 percent of the workforce. Indeed, Gen Ys are set to becomethe international leaders of the future and are therefore a critical talent pool forglobalorganisations to coach and mentor. Gen Ys are increasingly moving towards managerial […]

Evaluating Staff The Right Way

By Neil Clark. Staff evaluation will crash and burn on one simple thing: opinion. If you evaluate your staff based on your ‘opinion’ of how well they are doing, you are leaving yourself open to failure and upset. The best method of evaluating staff is to base it on measurable performance. If you set the […]

How to Orientate a New Employee

By Neil Clark. Hiring a new employee involves a lot of time and effort. The faster new employees get up to speed, the quicker you can begin to get a return on your investment. Therefore, to ensure you get the most out of new employees as quickly as possible, listed below are a number of […]

Pick Potential Leaders When Assessing Staff

By Bob Ansett. The first trait I look for when assessing potential leadership qualities is self-confidence. Generally, this evolves from a happy, loving childhood where recognition and approval for achievements flow from within the family environment, encouraging the child to take on more challenging tasks. Therefore, it helps to have a similar environment in your […]

Leadership and the One Minute Manager

By Catherine Stapleton. In the One Minute Management Principles, we know how managers can promote significant performance improvements and maintain positive relationships by effectively setting clearly defined goals, praising progress as well as results, and reprimanding or redirecting poor performance. These principles are the ‘101’ of management with which most of us are familiar; however, […]

The benefits of professional qualifications to business owners

By Susan Heron. The workplace environment has changed and will continue to do so; we are facing an ageing population and a skills shortage. What does this mean for you as a business owner? You cannot afford to ignore the changed work environment, as you will be competing for skilled staff – to acquire them […]

The Importance of Employee Training and Professional Learning

By Susan Heron. Employee training and professional learning is often considered a cost rather than an investment. This is a myopic and costly view that places businesses at risk of losing employees or maintaining a workforce of people not trained to their full potential. Employees frequently remain loyal to businesses because of the personal relationships […]